Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let's Try This From The Top

Hi, I'm Lou, and this is my blog.

Lou Netizen is my avatar in the online virtual world Second Life—which probably needs no introduction, but suffice to say it's an online, 3D, virtual world. Lou Netizen isn't a character I play in Second Life:Lou is me. In real life, my name really is Lou (well, "Louise"), I really am short, and I really am a girl. I live in British Columbia, Canada.

I started in Second Life in August 2008 when a real-life friend said I might enjoy in-world trivia games. And I do enjoy a mean bout of trivia here and there. But I've also made friends in Second Life, and had a lot of fun exploring and chatting with people from all over the world who do all sorts of things in SL…some of which I'm sure I don't want to know about. And I've become a bit fascinated with some aspects of Second Life culture and how it's different from—and inseparable from—the real world. If nothing else, Second Life can be a fascinating glimpse at digital culture…and some of the benefits and pitfalls of an increasingly interconnected world.

I intend this blog to be a loose record of some of my activities in Second Life, along with maybe some rants and comments and opinions about things that happen there and things people do. I don't expect anyone will really read this, except maybe a few in-world friends. If you found these pages at random, I hope you find them useful or interesting. If not…I'm sure there are one or two other sites out there on the Internet you can try.

And we're off.

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