Friday, November 14, 2008

Lou See Lou

Sometimes it's not about how I see Lou, but how others see Lou. When I find myself popping up in others' pictures from Second Life, I'll try to link to those images here. Once again, the date on this post is misleading: Blogger doesn't really have a notion of static pages.

Lou's annual dance (featuring the adorable Preston Benedict)
(August 28 2010, photo by AnaMaria Quintessa)

No, I'm not a guest on Oprah! I'm guest-hosting Kung-Po trivia with Mako Kungfu, and we turned it into a coffeetable set since I don't dance. That's DJ Rach Borkoton on the speakers!
(July 27, 2010, photo by Mako Kungfu)

SL Trivia Queen Honey Potez hosted a Redneck Trivia or something similar at a trailer-trash themed sky platform…so I tried to dress in theme. I almost never dress for costume events.
(July 3 2010, photo by Honey Potez)

Hosting Lou's Clues
(June 19 2010, photo by Cygnoir Blanc)

Lotus Ceriano, me, and Cygnoir Blanc chatting after Buccaneer Bowl
(Apr 17 2010, photo by Cygnoir Blanc)

Lou and AnaMaria hanging out at an early version of Lou's Flying Island Thingy. Ana was apparently gearing up for a "come as someone else" trivia event…I think I was stunned to be taller than a non-tiny!
(Apr 2010, photo by AnaMaria Quintessa)

Left to right: AnaMaria Quintessa, me, and Hilda Static at a Choo-Choo Chicks concert. Ana is not stepping on my foot, I am…uh, attempting to trip her! (by AnaMaria Quintessa 30-Jan-2010).

"Virtual Height" by Mako Kungfu, 28-Jan-2010.
Me, Honey Potez, and Girl Mako, who is apparently considered short for SL, yet still looms over me!

Hosting Lou's Clue's at Triviathon, with Maelstrom Janus spending some quality time with my Death Ray. (by Lette Ponnier 07-Nov-09).

This is what happens when you try on one of those random items people give you in the middle of a trivia game. (by AnaMaria Quintessa, 30-Oct-2009)

"Lou Dances!" by Mako Kungfu 23-Aug-09.
No, this is not Photoshopped (sigh): it was Mako's rez day party and Chadd had him pull that "On my rez day people have to do anything I ask, right?" stunt. In all truth, Mako was a perfect gentleman despite leaving his claws on—but the only reason he lived is that he's so tall my foot-impaling heels were a good 50cm off the ground! Er, pond water. Because we were on a pond. Mumble. I'm just glad Rach didn't kill me. Or him.
[Update 09-Sep-09: O gawd there's video. >cringe<]

"Lou and Rach above Atomic Owl" by Lillian Shippe, 21-Aug-09.

"Lou, Dragon Victim" by Mako KungFu, 02-Aug-2009, at the "Armada Burns" sendoff for Armada Breakaway.

"Zoo Lou," by Mako Kungfu, 23-Jun-2009. Yeah, I know I look lik a cop. Wanna see video of what was so confusing about Zoo that evening?

Lou Takes to the Skies, by Mako Kungfu, 15-Jun-2009

"Lou in her corner" by Mako Kungfu, 04-Jun-2009. Yes, Lou went to a Goth music event at Armada Breakaway…and failed to fit in. But check out the DJ's steampunk sound system in the background!

Me and Chadd the Neko Duck at AnaMalene's Scatterbrain'd trivia event (by Lette Ponnier 31-May-2009)

"Lou's Second First Time" by Chaddington Boomhauer, 24-May-2009

"Lou's First Time" by Chaddington Boomhauer, 22-May-2009

"Lou at Double Standards" by Lette Ponnier, 20-May-2009

"Lou Kungfu," video (yes, video!) by Mako Kungfu, 17-May-2009. Rach Borkotron and I go mano-an-mano…and Rach schools me but good. And people wonder why I don't just hop on any poseball that happens to be floating around!

"Double Standards 5/8" by Lette Ponnier, 08-May-2009

"Lou in Armada," by Mako Kungfu 02-May-2009

"Brain Implants?" by Chaddington Boomhauer 20-Apr-2009

"Flying Kitty," by Mako Kungfu 31-Mar-2009

"Chance Meeting," by Mako Kungfu 31-Mar-2009

"Lou is Batman," by Trilby Button, Mar-2009

"Tableau: Hamster Night 6," by Lette Ponnier, 13-Feb-2009. Lette, Trilby, and Lou are confronted by a gun-toting, spliff-smoking griefer.

Lou and Rain at Zoo Bar grand opening, Ashiri 06-Dec-2008

"Lou the trivia master," by Chaddington Boomhauer, 06-Nov-2008