Monday, December 15, 2008

Missed Opportunity

Some sad news yesterday: one of the top trivia players—quite possibly the top trivia player—has left Second Life. Apparently she told a few friends, then canceled her account.

The part that makes me sad is that I was too intimidated to talk to her. I didn't know what to say, didn't want to be a brat and just gush "I think you're awesome!" because, really, what would someone that smart have in common with a silly newbie like me? I'd just have these little private moments of pride if I even came close to beating her on a question, and on the handful of occasions I actually did beat her I was too stunned to speak. The stunned effect didn't last long: she'd quickly resume her dominance of the game.

And the one time I did talk to her? I made a complete fool of myself. One of the regular trivia games runs a concurrent costume contest—best in formal wear, best in leather, stuff like that. I don't have the depth of wardrobe to participate but I like watching because some of these folks go all-out, it's amazing. One night it was a sci-fi theme or something, and a friend showed up in a Star Trek uniform…with sneakers. I was pretty sure I had some blocky black boots to complete the Mr. Spock look, and right as I was dropping them on my friend to give them to him…guess who teleported into the game right in between us? So I wound up randomly dropping boots on the person in SL who intimidated me the most. Great way to introduce myself. It was like throwing a spitwad at your big brother and accidentally hitting, oh, I don't know, Judi Dench.

And I was like "Uh, hi, I'm so sorry, those were for someone else, I'm a total idiot, please don't hate me I think you're awesome!" all at once. Like a total goober.

She was very gracious, gave the boots back to me, and we chatted a bit. I learned she does pub quizzes in her home town, so we had that in common. And that's almost all I know, except that everyone is sad she's gone, and everyone says she was one of the nicest people in SL.

She'll be missed.

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