Monday, April 20, 2009

Battlescar Avataria

So I'm realizing—from all the comments people have made—that the new 'do I sported to at the Buccaneer Bowl (and subsequently) needs some explanation. Just to put any rumors to rest, no, I haven't somehow forgotten how to put on prim hair, and, no, I haven't joined the Russian army. I have shaved the hair off part of the back of my head.

I've mentioned that Lou in Second Life is a lot like the real-life Lou: sure, it's not an exact match, but I try to keep the basics accurate. Although Lou in Second Life doesn't have my same wardrobe or mannerisms or affectations or dislike for eggplant, real-life Lou largely drives the appearance of Lou in Second Life. If I cut my hair in real life, Lou's hair changes in Second Life. Recently I'd been growing my hair out a bit, and SL Lou's hair had been creeping out a little too.

Well, a little over a week ago, real life gave me a surprise, and I wound up with some stitches in the back of my head. The emergency physicians shaved a bit of my hair to put them in, and for a couple days I just dealt with it…and I was constantly reaching back to feel that bare bit of scalp hiding under the regular mess of my hair. I doubt many people noticed, but it was driving me bonkers. So after a couple of days I took out some elastics, bound up the hair on top of my head, and used a trimmer and a razor to shave off the whole bottom half. What can I say? It's spring, a girl is prone to do crazy things, and at least I didn't shave my whole head. Not yet, anyway. I've done it before.

But I think my main motivation was just to gross people out with my stitches while I have them. What's the point in a big ugly gash if you can't show it off? But this presented a dilemma for Lou in Second Life: amazingly, it seems a virtual girl can't go out and just buy the top half of a haircut! However, thanks to a burgeoning blood and guts market in SL (I guess the vampires and zombies have to get their stuff somewhere!), getting ahold of some stitches wasn't that tough. So, I pulled out one of my earlier haircuts and edited it down—and if you're curious about why I'm missing half my hair, just cam around to the back:

That's a couple more stitches than I have in real life, but the shape and general character are about right.

Unfortunately, it grosses out far fewer people in Second Life than it does in real life. But, if nothing else, it helps Second Life Lou feel like, well, me. And I think that matters.

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