Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ambling Through Andalus

It's funny how Second Life can become a lot like Real Life…first it's fun and new and wonderful and you'll full of enthusiasm, and next thing you know you're in over your head with commitments, things to do, stuff to get done, and deadlines.

Taking in the sunset in Al-Andalus

More on the "what's Lou been up to, anyway?" thing in a minute, but I thought I'd briefly mention I'm still trying to get little bits of exploring in when I can, although my goals lately haven't been so much to find cool and unusual sims as to find quiet and scenic places where I can chill for a while, catch up on messages, type up my notecards, and generally try to get my Second Life slightly more organized. Lately one of those places has been Al-Andalus, a series of sims in Second Life themed off 13th century Moorish Spain. I don't know much about the intentions of the build, but it seems to be a virtual experiment in creating an Islamic caliphate—complete with judiciary—based on pre-colonial Islam. (And, indeed, as a female avatar I am asked to remove shoes and don a veil before setting foot inside the mosque. I cammed through the walls from outside, thanks anyway.) Parts of the build are just exquisite, and it does a great job of evoking the atmosphere of old Cordoba in Second Life.

Among the battlements, fighting the IMs

So far, I haven't run into many people in Al-Andalus—which has kinda made it a little getaway-within-a-getaway in SL—but those I have encountered have been friendly and and welcoming. And—until this post, anyway, it's probably the last place any of my SL friends would come looking for me.

Anyway—if you pop into Al-Andalus and see a tiny girl sitting on a grassy hill or on top of one of the city's towers…that might be me.


  1. It's a little uncanny how much the picture of your avatar next to the horse evokes the real-life Lou: arms crossed with an expression saying "Put that camera away before I break your face." :) -Geoff

  2. Aw, I'd never smash your face. But that big-ass antique two megapixel camera of yours is quite smashable. :P


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