Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bucc'ing Nuts!

Has it been another month already? The fifth Buccaneer Bowl, Second Life's premier trivia event took place this weekend, once again ably organized and hosted by Lette Ponnier, Lillian Shippe, and Thornton Writer. I've written about the Buccaneer Bowl several times in this blog (really, you can see for yourself!). Briefly, for any new readers, the Buccaneer Bowl is a high-stakes, team-based trivia contest: players group into up to ten teams of three to four players each and compete for som $10,000L in prize money, based on their collective performance in five open rounds of five questions, plus bonus questions for teams that win a round. As one might imagine, most of the top players in Second Life's virtual trivia community show up, as as the game has gained momentum—this is its fifth month!—the competition and rivalry between the teams has reached new (and good-spirited!) heights.

I've played all the Buccaneer Bowls (except the first, which I missed due to a real life emergency) with the Frivolous Corsairs—cue fanfare, da tada tada! The Corsairs consist of Lebn Bucyk, Nia Jinx, our captain Rain Ninetails, and lil'ole me. It's a great team with a strong balance of skills—we've always done well—but the difficulties of trying to arrange schedules means (I think) we've only played one of the Buccaneer Bowls as a complete team. We inevitably lose a player at the last minute to real life contingencies, although I'm pretty sure Lebn—and Lebn alone—has made every game. Other teams experience similar variations from game to game, and its common to arrange for substitute players or pick up a member just before the game begins. The Corsairs have been dogged by losing team members at the last minute, but this month Nia Jinx let us know she wouldn't be able to make the game about a week ahead of time. Of course, I immediately panicked—I consider Nia our ace-in-the-hole!—but having some notice gave the Corsairs an opportunity to recruit the fantabulous Sinnamon Sands for this month's event!

The Corsairs! Left to right: me, Rain Ninetails, Sinnamon Sands, Lebn Bucyk

The Corsairs have always done well at the Buccaneer Bowl, and last month we managed a second-place finish even with only three players! This month we gave the two-time Buccaneer Bowl champs the Triviators a run for their money, fighting them right down to the last bonus question, with Sinn catching on fire in the final rounds and putting on a simply dominating performance. The final scoring was tense, but the Triviators just barely edged out the Corsairs in the end for their third Buccaneer Bowl championship. And they've earned it: they're a wonderful team, and performed very consistently from round to round. Congrats to Nelly Swindlehurst, Lotus Ceriano, Starla Gurbux, and Mako Kungfu!

Now, I know I've probably made it sound like two teams have been kinda dominating the Buccaneer Bowl, but that's simply not true. My descriptions of the games are necessarily abbreviated, and with eight to ten teams and 30 to 40 people playing at once, it's impossible to give a blow-by-blow analysis. The quality of the questions and (more importantly!) the players means that any of the teams has a reasonable shot at winning the Buccaneer Bowl—and the way the scoring works, teams can earn not-insignificant money even if they aren't top scorers. Plus, even better, the Buccaneer Bowl's ARC bonuses—which award $100L to every player with an ARC under 500, and $50 to players with ARCs under 1000—means no one has to go home empty-handed, even if no one on their team comes in first, second, or third on any question.

As always, Chaddington Boomhauer took great images of the teams, including this portrait with our captain in the foreground:

The Buccaneer Bowls have been marked by excellent quality, great competition, and good sportsmanship all around. They've truly become the highlight of the Second Life trivia calendar, and I'm already looking forward to the next one!

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  1. Thanks so much for your consistent coverage of our event, Lou! It always makes me happy to hear that people enjoyed it so much.


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