Monday, June 15, 2009

Schooner or Later!

The sixth Buccaneer Bowl team trivia event was held in Second Life this weekend, once again ably hosted by Lillian Shippe, Thornton Writer, and Lette Ponnier. I'm a huge fan of the Buccaneer Bowl—and any readers of this blog are probably sick of me going on about it! The event has truly developed into the big wingding of the Second Life trivia scene—and it's no surprise, with some $10,000L in prize money at stake and almost all of SL's top trivia players competing on teams for a slice of the pie.

Players assembled for the sixth monthly Buccaneer Bowl

So far the Buccaneer Bowls have been dominated by The Triviators, a team consisting of Lotus Ceriano (captain), Starla Gurbux, Alanna Robbiani, Nelly Swindlehurst, and Mako Kungfu—only four of them can play in any given game, but so far they've been tough to beat, winning four of the six Buccaneer Bowls. (Although my team gave them a serious challenge last month!) But the way the Buccaneer Bowl works, one team dominating doesn't mean no one else has fun…or that other teams don't win. All teams who get on the board win money for playing, and nobody has to go home empty-pocketed thanks to ARC bonuses: get your avatar's ARC below 500, and you get $100L just for playing.

Trivial Corsairs on deck at Buccaneer Bowl VI!
Captain Rain front and center! Left-to-right in the background, Nia Jinx, me, and Sinnamon Sands.

This month, the Corsairs managed a fourth place finish out of nine or ten teams, which I admit is a little disappointing after nearly toppling the Triviators last month. But them's the breaks! For whatever reason, a good portion of the Bowl's twenty-five general questions simply landed a little to the left or right (or front or back!) of our four brains: it's a shame, but it happens. (One month I think we finished sixth!) We were able to jump on a few questions—and we did pretty well silently on the bonuses posed to each round's winning team, though that didn't help us in the slightest.

The most distressing thing about the Buccaneer Bowl this time around involved scheduling: like the Triviators, the Corsairs now have five team members, but under Bowl rules teams are limited to four players. This month, we had a surfeit of talent: it worked out that everyone was able to attend this months game! We'd decided to leave it to the last minute to figure out who would play…and failing group messages in Second Life before the game made it very difficult to coordinate anything. It never feels good to leave a friend out of something fun, and when teammate Lebn Bucyk graciously stepped back to let the other four of us play, it was bittersweet—I know each of us was thinking "I should be the one to bow out." And now, of course, we're all thinking "Gosh, maybe we could have beat the Triviators this month with Lebn there!" Be that at as it may: we'll get another crack at them next month. Sooner or later…Triviators are going down!

One exciting development this month: a brand new team managed to capture second place! Awesome! The team "Into Bahrain" was captained by Devin Velikov, backed up by Ailin Triellis, Catherine Resch, and Less Juliesse—and, frankly, they kicked ass and took names! It's even more exciting because Catherine and Ailin are kind of new to the SL trivia scene—and they're very talented! More players means better games, more competition, and more fun…and another team to watch out for at next month's Buccaneer Bowl!

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  1. I must say, as one of the organizers, quartermasters, and scorekeepers, it is always thrilling to see who will take a Bucc Bowl crown. I love seeing new teams come into the mix, and while I don't root for any given teams during the tourney, I always sort of have a soft spot for the noobie teams....


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