Saturday, July 18, 2009

Barquing for Bytes

The seventh monthly Buccaneer Bowl team trivia event was held this past weekend in Second Life, with Lillian Shippe, Lette Ponnier, and Thornton Writer once again at the helm and making a job tougher than herding cats seem easy and fun. The summer months seem to be a little more laid back for the Second Life trivia community—part of it might be the global economic woes making people put some real-life priorities above Second Life games, but I think the more immediate causes are folks taking vacations, spending time with children who are home from school, or just enjoying some time out-of-doors. At least, in the northern hemisphere. The upshot is that some Longstanding Members of the Second Life Trivia Circuit are temporarily Missing in Action or less available than in previous months…and that, in turn, means lots of juggling of teams for the Buccaneer Bowl, and opportunities for new teams to capture some glory!

The Frivolous Corsairs on deck in July!
Left to right: Lebn Bucyk, Rain Ninetails, AnaMaria Quintessa, and Your Humble Correspondent

For folks unfamiliar with the Buccaneer Bowl (and how can you not be? I write about it every month!), here's the basics. The Buccaneer Bowl has evolved into the pre-eminent trivia contest in Second Life. The game allows up to 10 teams to compete at general knowledge trivia for a share of a $10,000 Linden prize pot—in Second Life that's major money, although it works out to only about $42 Canadian. The game is divided into five rounds of five questions each: during the general rounds, all players can try to answer questions in open chat, with the first three correct answers getting points (and money!) for their team. At the end of each round, the team with the most points in the round gets a bonus question that only they may answer: if they get it right, they win more money! If they don't get it right, the bonus money is divided evenly among the other teams. This month introduced a new bonus question format modeled on the game Outburst: players had 60 seconds to shout out as many correct answers to a question as possible, and they won the question if they got 10 or more correct.

At the end of the Buccaneer Bowl, the team with the most points wins not only a nice pile of Linden Dollars, but also bragging rights for a month! A team called the Triviators has been making a solid showing at Buccaneer Bowls past, taking the top spot in four of the previous six months' games. But the team Boomfire Circeschism—made of up Chaddington Boomhauer, Shale Nightfire, Circe Falta, and JoshuaStephen Schism—took the top spot, marking their second victory in the Buccaneer Bowl! Congratulations all!

This month my team, the Frivolous Corsairs, managed a second place finish: I think that's the second or third time we've been Number Two. (Always the bridesmaid, never the bride!) We managed it in no small part thanks to Special Guest Corsair AnaMaria Quintessa, who is well-known as a formidable player on the SL trivia circuit as well as an able trivia host and the owner of at least one very expensive pair of virtual shoes! Ana normally plays on the Trumpton Trivials with Maelstrom Janus, Cully Andel, and Stiggs McMinnar—making them a powerhouse team representing the UK—and the Trumptons were the winners of the very first Buccaneer Bowl! But those summer real-life scheduling headaches left Ana on her own for July, and we were absolutely thrilled to be able to play with her rather than against her this time around. I wish we could have sailed into a win this month, but I'm told second place is very respectable in a game against most of SL's top trivia players.

As always, a big thank-you to Thorn, Lette, and Lillian for all the footwork and homework putting together the Buccaneer Bowl—it's no small feat, and all the effort is truly appreciated. For folks curious what it all looks like—a giant pirate ship up in the sky—there's a Buccaneer Bowl photo stream on Flickr that (I assume) will be updated with events from recent games as they come in.

And for next month…I think I'm bringing some exploding barnacles.


  1. ...and your blog is even more enjoyable when you are massaging my ego; who'd've thunk it?

  2. Wow, Ana, you are so tense today! Just relaaaax, I'll put on some Kitaro. A little to the left…a little down…not so hard…there! Is that the spot?

  3. Lol Kitaro...
    We Triviators decided not to be greedy with that champ title this month and shared. ;) Congrats Boomfirecirceschisms! I actually would have really liked to see the Corsairs take it -- you guys are consistently awesome and hardworking players and deserve a win. Plus, you give us a good run for our money, which is part of the fun. Was also nice to have Ana playing -- and I'm sorry Lotus couldn't make this bowl, because she seems to particularly enjoy it when Ana brings the fire. Anyway, give us all a couple days to get our pics onto Flickr. Heh, I take the same shots everytime, feels like, but I do take them.


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