Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hawk & Bat & Dragon…

This entry shall be potpourri, so bear with me and we shall see… (OK, I'll write off the riotous riming right…now!)

Last week real life snuck up on my friend Cinna Xaris just as she was about to host a trivia game at Double Standards, so I offered to fill in for her. I've been playing trivia at DS almost as long as I've been in Second Life, and it's one of the major points on the SL trivia map. DS holds regular games with a variety of hosts, and folks can count on their trivia friends showing up—especially Saturday mornings for Thornton Writer's high-$L game that awards prizes for first, second, and third place! Double Standards is also the "Home of the Smart Ass" because their regular games feature a unique rule: the first correct answer wins a prize, but the funniest answer to a question also wins a prize! I hear Duncan Loire came up with the scheme and its a brilliant idea. Non-trivia people can have fun and win some Lindens, and helps create a lighthearted (sometimes fall-down-funny!) atmosphere.

Anyway—despite being a long-time Double Standards "customer," I'd never done much to help out, so subbing on hosting the game seemed like a perfect way to give a little tiny bit back. The game went well, but I noticed something while handing out prizes: an avatar named Mark007 Bloobury routinely wears an enormous mohawk hairdo, and it made him super easy to pick out of the crowd and pay. So I joked that I should wear a mohawk when I played trivia since it worked out so well for Mark—and that turned into a dare to wear a mohawk at my own trivia game the next day. This was the (ahem) result:

Sportin' a mohawk…and still wearing gran's earrings.

Not as spiffy as Mark's, but still a good try I thought. As a girl who's been known to spontaneously shave parts of her head I didn't think the 'hawk would raise to many eyebrows…but what was weird about it was how it seemed to transform my own view of myself. Suddenly Lou in Second Life was a lot brasher and tougher and more daring. Armed with my new kickass attitude I decided to pay a visit to Insilico, kind of Blade Runner-style city in the sky that spans several sims. I gather Insilico is a role-playing sim, and when I've been there I've generally tried to stay clear of people so I don't interfere with their fun…but it's a great place to take some wacky sci-fi screenshots and look weird.

Punk Lou taking in the cyberpunk sim Insilico.

At my mohawk-wearing trivia, I kinda flippantly announced that my trivia games had been free of carnivorous bats since May 2009—no, to my knowledge carnivorous bats have never been a real problem in Second Life and, yes, I sometimes just make stuff up. So it was tres apropos for Cinna to show up at my game—as a carnivorous bat! And so cute! The underbite and glowey eyes really made me giggle.

On the cliffs of Ode with Cinna the Carnivorous(?) Bat.

I've mentioned Relay for Life in Second Life before—SL holds regular giant snail races across multiple sims as a way to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society. This year, the effort has raised more than a quarter million US dollars, with a massive race held back on July 18. I wasn't able to check out the race itself, but tons of supporting organizations in Second Life took out space in the RFL sims to set up their own "campsites" an show their support. I was able to visit a few days later and some of the builds were spectacular. For instance, I found three wonders of the ancient world next to each other—all stunning builds, and all to scale, I believe!

Left to right: the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Temple of Artemis.
The tiny spec hovering in the middle? Lou.

One of my favorite sims, Armada Breakaway is going to be going through some restructuring—I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but I know there will be an "Armada is Burning" party August 2, then the reworking gets going on August 3…but Armada did make its presence known at the RFL event with a stunning enormous dragon bearing a steamship on its back—just the sort of why-the-heck-not build that gets me enthused about Second Life all over again.

Perched on the horn of Armada Breakaway's amazing dragon-bearing-a-steamship entry in the Relay for Life campsite.

And what did I find inside the steamship? Another tea set that I swear wanted to come home with me!

Once again, Lou considers pilfering a tea set.

Of course, I still don't have a proper home in Second Life and have no idea what I'd do with one…but I'm starting to think I might have to invite people over for a spot of tea if I ever do set down roots.


  1. Lou, I'm currently rebuilding my shop in the new Armada and there's a "rooftop" (not exactly, because it's an upturned ship) terrace. You have a standing pass to use this space for your tea parties. Will let you know when it's done and ready for teaspottery.

  2. *flaps wings, bites a few people* I had far too much fun as a bat, as many people saw I've continued to run around in that form most the week. :) Do bats get invites to tea parties? And once again, you totally rock for covering trivia at the last minute when I was sick and loopy.

  3. Lou, you are also welcome to pop into my place any time you like, there is always tea set out by the fire there, and you can zone out in the meditation room if you like, at least until I convert it into a photography studio :)


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