Monday, August 3, 2009

Please Pardon our Pixels…

Last week, I wrote:
Lou is experimenting with making this blog look a little less default and a little more Lou. Expect the layout and templates to settle down shortly. Thanks—

I didn't anticipate it would take this long, but…ta da! Welcome to the new look for Lou's Clues.

Since its inception back in November 2008, Lou's Clues had been using a slightly-tweaked version of a default Blogger layout called "Scribe," credited to Tom Dominey. I'd basically been using it because I thought it was the least obnoxious of the default templates, and had always meant to find some time to come up with a layout of my own. After all, I have some geek cred, might as well spend it, right? From time to time I would surf through galleries of Wordpress and Blogger templates to get ideas but I never found anything that lit me up. And the more I looked at the way Blogger handles templates, the more I realized I wasn't really willing to invest the time and energy to come up with my own thing from scratch. It would make Lou's Clues too much like "Lou's work." Ick.

So, the new look for Lou's Clues is based on a default Blogger layout called "Harbor," credited to Douglas Bowman. However, I have tweaked the layout to remove things I didn't like and add things I wanted. The overall look is deliberately understated—I'd always disliked the overly-saturated colors and wallpaperish aspects of the old layout, so this one is basically just some margins around some text: nothing fancy. I am loading some fuzzy images in the background; unlike default Blogger templates, these are actually bits of snapshots from my own explorations of Second Life—you'll even see a little cartoony Lou peeking out in a few of them.

All the same features of the blog are still here—same widgets, same links, same archive of old posts, same commenting capability, same features. I haven't removed any old posts, although I have slightly edited the HTML in a couple so they look OK in the new template, although I doubt anyone besides me will notice any formatting changes.

Anyhoo. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.


  1. I presume it all looks ok in your world but the margins aren't right for me. Althought there is loads of white space either side of the centre (with background pics in the top left & bottom right) some of the words are cut off.

    The readers who have given their two cents are currently "inna" "ako" and "naMaria".

    The latest entries are called "se pardon our pixels" "k & bat & Dragon" "tto crazy after all these years"

  2. The loud grinding sound you hear is Lou hating on Internet Explorer.

  3. When Lou hates on Internet Explorer, once in a great while, IE capitulates. ;)


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