Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Heavy Weather

Sometimes Second Life is a place you can go to relax, hang out with friends, do some crazy things, and see some amazing places…in other words, SL can be fun. I've been trying to keep that in mind during the last week while enduring what's turned into a sustained bout of reasonably sophisticated griefing…and between filing abuse reports, little tiny bits of fun and whimsy have kinda kept me going.

I kind of randomly stumbled into a sim called Plastik, which is ostensibly a mall selling I imagine painfully-hip virtual goods that any self-respecting avatar needs. I don't really know anything about that, I just love the build—it's the kind of imaginative structure that makes me believe in the potential of Second Life all over again. At the center of the sim is an enormous tree that could lend shade and comfort to a creature the size of Godzilla; hanging from the tree are a series of paper lanterns…except these lanterns are literally the size of buildings and, in many cases, contain multi-level stores unto themselves. The idea is very well executed with lots of neat details—birds, particles, little monkeys holding lanterns—plus a lighthouse across the way which might be the creator's home (mind the giant bunny on the upstairs patio), a pier to nowhere, and a giant ferret at the base of the tree you can curl up with if you're needing one of those quiet-moments-to-yourself in SL.

Lou at the end of a pier to nowhere

Many of the lanterns hanging from the central tree appear to be stores or stores-in-waiting, but a few appear to be residences or residences-in-waiting…and, of course, I did manage to find myself a tea set among someone's book collection. If you happen to visit Plastik and find this library…check out the ceiling.

What is it with Second Life and delicate tea sets?

One of the neat things about a virtual world is that you get to do things that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. In real life, I adore cats but am almost furiously allergic to them. Although some don't set me off very badly, sometimes I can barely be in the same building as a cat without running a risk of going into anaphylactic shock. So one of the neat things about Second Life is that I can hang out with kitty cats—in fact, one of my best friends in Second Life (and captain of our Buccaneer Bowl team the Trivial Corsairs!) is Rain Ninetails, who's famously a kitty—she even has special seating set aside for her at several trivia venues!

So the other night I managed to get into [MonoChrome] (where Jez and Sinn graciously let me host Lou's Clues!) to see new-in-SL music performer Glitchy Homebuilder. And I was tickled to see Gray Keynes in the audience! Gray is another of my feline acquaintances in SL—I've run into Gray at a few of Tuna Oddfellow's famous Odd Balls, and it was neat to see him at what I pretty much consider my home in SL. And a few minutes later, I was surrounded by cute kitties—and my eyes weren't watering, my nose wasn't jammed shut, and I could breathe!

Gray Keynes, Rain Ninetails, and yours truly at [MonoChrome],
listening to the music of Glitchy Homebuilder

Sometimes it's the little things that keep you going. Or even the fuzzy things.


  1. Hej Lou. Just to say that I enjoy your blog.I get upset to hear about these griefers who uses SL for their own perverted purposes. All I can say is that I hope Lindens Lab take your complaints seriously.

    I know that SL in many ways reflects RL but I still think we should insist on enjoying SL as a Haven of Peace, naive perhaps but worth striving for.


  2. Like Dog Biscuit Boy said, i think that people would have been far more sympathetic to your last rant if they had been more aware of your perpetual conflict with griefers.

  3. OK, well, thanks for the kind words re: griefers. I'm doing my best to cope and, yes, the Lindens seem to be responding to abuse reports even though I'm not a paying customer.

    I only let the anonymous comment through because I cannot respond privately: the alt rant wasn't about griefing, nor was the post intended as a way to throw myself a pity party or to generate sympathy. If I write about griefing—which sounds about as fun as sandpaper on sunburn—alts will only be a part of the equation.

  4. Thanks for the fun descriptions. I too get a bit energized when SL is so much different than RL. And that goes for the allergies too. (I just wish I could catch non-allergies from SL into RL.)


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