Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bowled Over

The fourteenth (fourteenth!) [Um, no Lou can't count, it was the FIFTEENTH!] Buccaneer Bowl team trivia event was held March 27th at [MonoChrome], as always ably hosted by Lette Ponnier, Lillian Shippe, and Thornton Writer. As I've noted here (on several occasions!), the Buccaneer Bowl is Second Life's premiere trivia event, not only because so much money is up for grabs (well over $10,000L) but also because it gives players a chance to team up and see how they fare against the best of the best. And doing well in the Buccaneer Bowl does come with some bragging rights: winners have kinda gotten in the habit of wearing their "champ" tags between Bowls, and the well-intentioned trash talking continues more-or-less non-stop in the trivia community during the weeks intervening between the Bowls.

This month, real-life seemed to lay a particularly heavy hand on Buccaneer Bowlers: a number of regular players weren't able to attend, and the resulting vacancies led to a number of teams juggling for players and re-arranging their lineups. Sadly, this month also marked the first time my team, the Frivolous Corsairs, hasn't been able to field a team. Real life soaked up a good deal of my time, and we weren't able to coordinate a lineup before the Bowl. In fact, I didn't even know for sure if I'd be able to attend the Bowl at all until the night before…and then shifting commitments that morning almost kept me out of it entirely.

The result was that I turned up kind of at the last second before the "team building" segment before the Bowl ended, with no team in sight, and kind of said "Uh, is anyone looking for a player?"

To my surprise and honor, the Triviators offered by the fourth slot on their team. The Triviators have five regular members—Lotus Ceriano, Nelly Swindlehurst, Allana Robbiani, Starla Gurbux, and Mako Kungfu—and anybody who's played Second Life trivia knows that's a pretty stunning lineup. And the Triviators have been by far the most-dominant team at the Buccaneer Bowls, winning something like two thirds of them, sometimes by just a hair, and sometimes by a very wide margin—in February they had a near-perfect game, winning something like $3800L out of a possible $4000L. So I was pretty chuffed that they'd even consider taking me on—they could easily have gone on their own as a team of three players and given anyone serious competition.

The Triviators, with guest player Lou lurking in the background
(and apparently wearing the pants on the team!)

So for March I was an honorary Triviator…and I'm pleased to note that the Triviators won the March Buccaneer Bowl! After placing second a few times and trying to give the Trivs and other teams a serious run in…gosh I think I've been able to play in 12 of the 14 Bowls…it's great to finally have a Buccaneer Bowl championship under my belt! Lotus, Nelly, and Starla were very welcoming and a total class act, and—of course!—delivered a stunning performance! I was just thrilled to along for the ride.

The only thing that could have made the victory sweeter would be winning with my "home team" the Frivolous Corsairs. Here's to next month guys!


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