Tuesday, December 7, 2010

…and We're Back

Just so everyone knows, no, this blog has not been abandoned. Lou's Clues is about Lou Netizen in Second Life—and Lou Netizen hasn't had anything to write about since she logged out of SL at the end of October and only logged back in a day or so ago. But I'm back!

The hiatus wasn't some form of virtual protest, an enforced break from Second Life, or some other Serious Thing That Requires Rumination and Thought-Provoking Pondering. I was just off wandering around in the real world, and since I travel light I didn't take a computer with me. I put my SL trivia game on hold, pre-paid a bunch of rent on my parcel of virtual land, grabbed my passport and went toodling off to where chance and opportunity took me.

The prodigal Lou returns

Coming back to Second Life after a hiatus (even one as brief as a month) is a little disconcerting. I suppose I now take it for granted that things change quickly in a virtual world…but I guess I hadn't expected much change in my personal experience of Second Life. My little flying island parcel was still rezzed and intact, a bunch of other stuff has shifted around. And I don't just mean that everyone took down Halloween decorations and seems to have gone in for snow and holly.

The venue where I host my trivia game—[MonoChrome]—has moved to a new location and combined forces with New Trivia Monkeys. Although I haven't been to an event at either venue's new location yet (hey, I've only been back a day!), I'm actually thrilled to see a bunch of my friends pooling together to land a spot in a high-performance private sim, and so long as we can keep our landmarks straight I think it'll work out well for everybody. Trivy Isle has shifted around too—I found myself teleporting into the middle of someone's store instead of near the normal trivia event venue—which I think marks the second or third major rebuild in the last few months. And my personal SL has seen some departures: for instance, one of my long-time scripting clients has announced they will be leaving Second Life by the end of the year. (It's actually kind of happy news: they've peddled their design work in Second Life and elsewhere into a real world job doing 3D modeling.) But there's good news too—I got TP'd into a really neat in-world project last night, more on that in a bit—and it's great to start catching up with people.

I'll be starting up my Lou's Clues trivia game again soon, I just have to coordinate with Jez Oh and Sinnamon Sands at MonoChrome and make sure I'm not conflicting with the Buccaneer Bowl team trivia event. And, for the record, I did not write one single trivia question during my entire time away from SL, so I'll still be scrambling to come up with quality material. See, everything is back to normal!

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  1. Seriously, Welcome home Lou.... I tried funny on dispay names... but You were missed.


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