I admit, I talk funny. Well, that I type funny, anyway, with idiosyncrasies and slang and made-up words that occasionally elicit a chuckle, occasionally confuse people, and sometimes make Second Life residents think I might be from another planet. They are hereby called Louisms.

I may have made up a few of these, but I'm sure I picked up the majority from other people. Either way, fore-warned is fore-armed!
  • ARCsinn: "bling," or Second Life avatar attachments that emit particles. ARC refers to Avatar Rendering Cost.
  • bazoomn, plural -s: bosom.
  • biffiddy 'don, plural -s: Big hair, usually on a woman or glam rock wannabe. Derives from The B-52s.
  • borkedadj.: 1. typoese for broked 2. A synomym for f*cked 3. MUD-era reference to the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show; somewhat predates the term spam in online lingo. May also derive from/refer to Robert Bork.
  • caspern, plural -s: Second Life avatars that appear as a puff of smoke. Refers to Casper the Friendly Ghost.
  • dingleberryn, plural dingleberries: 1. Something clinging unfortunately to one's backside. Example: the dog biting this griefer's ass is a dingleberry. 2. testicle.
  • doodlen, plural -s: A diminutive and affectionate derivation of "dude."
  • dorkbotn, plural -s: Oh, come on, this means exactly what you think it means!
  • dweeadj.: Something that is both dweeby and twee.
  • floatiesn; big gravity-defying bazooms, as often seen on megapixies.
  • funcusev; the act of saying for fun to confuse people; a noonerspism for "confuse."
  • jagglen, plural -s; adj; -y; var: jaggleicious: When something in Second Life renders badly or incompletely. "On my screen, you have a bad case of the jaggles." "Boy, the lag is making this sim jaggleicious." Derives from jagged.
  • kerflufflen, plural -s: Dispute, squabble, or controversy. A diminutive term for "drama."
  • kitshickersn, plural: big, tough boots. A noonerspism for shitkickers.
  • megapixien, plural -s: Typically, a bling-laden, thong-wearing barbie amazon vampire hooker avatar in Second Life that takes up far too much of my computer's video memory.
  • nooblev, -ed, -ing: Describes the bumbling, over-shooting, bumping-into-things, duck-like way new Second Life residents walk. He noobled around the room for a while until he found the teleporter.
  • noonerspismn, plural -s: Spoonerism.
  • padoodlewadn: when referring to self, c.f. dorkbot; when referring to others, c.f. doodle.
  • plinkv, -ed, -ing: To chastize or upbraid in public chat. Often just on the edge of being hostile. A player who performs particularly well at a trivia game is sometimes plinked by others who believe the player is deliberately monopolizing the game. Don't believe me? It's true!
  • plippedadj.: 1. tired; 2. tweaked.
  • poochedadj., screwed. Derives from screwed the pooch.
  • slagged—adj,: Second Life—SL—plus lagged.
  • Zoltronn: The planet from which all weird people emanate. I mean, duh.